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What Can You Expect in a Consultation With an Immigration Attorney?

Clients often tell me - "Oh I can do this myself, but I'm too lazy to do it, so that's why I decided to hire an attorney."  The truth is, yes, immigration matters can be handled on your own, just like how you can represent yourself in court without a lawyer, or you can do your taxes without help too.  The thing is, doing it on your own isn't always the best idea, especially since immigration law is a very complex area, and there's a good chance that you might miss something, and that will set you back months, if not years.  Or your procrastination could turn a simple issue into a really hard one.

In your initial consultation, you can expect to sit down with the lawyer, go through the facts of your case, and the lawyer will analyze your circumstances to figure out your possible options, recommend the best approach, and tell you about the risks that you might face.  The attorney will probably also give you a quote for how much their services will cost.  Remember that no lawyer will be able to guarantee the result of your case, since nothing is guaranteed in the law.

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