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What are examples of extreme hardship for a I-601 waiver?

There aren't any real hard and fast rules for what will get you a I-601 waiver, but showing extreme hardship is not an easy standard to meet.  You can't just say "my life won't be as good in my home country."  However, the USCIS does look at several things, including:

  • the country conditions of the country you would have to relocate to and your qualifying relative's family ties to that country
  • the financial impact of your departure from the U.S.
  • significant health conditions - Does your qualifying family member have a health condition that requires treatment, and they get better treatment in the U.S. than they would get in your home country?
  • impact of separation
  • economic and social conditions impacting the quality of life

To see if you may qualify for a I-601 waiver, and for help in applying for one, you should contact an immigration attorney.