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The Trend of Increasing Processing Times for Naturalization and Green Cards

It’s no surprise that in the last couple of years U.S. Citizenship and Permanent Resident

applications have increased tremendously. Pending applications for citizenship has more than

doubled in the last four and a half years. Citizenship applications spiked right around the Trump

Administration’s election to office. 2016 had become the busiest year for the U.S. Citizenship

and Immigration Services in regards to naturalization applications. With the increase of

applications comes a backlog that is rooted in the Trump administration’s change in immigration

policies. Due to the increase of processing backlog the average wait time has also increased. In

the past the wait time for applicants to file a U.S. Citizenship application and receive their

naturalization certificate took about four months. Now a days the applicants have to wait at least

nine months to have their applications processed. Many people who assist green card holders

have commonly referred this backlog of applications as the “invisible wall.” With the Trump

Administration’s constant change in immigration policies applicants are no longer leaving things

up to chance. Applicants have come to the realization that even processing a green card will not

guarantee safe residence in the United States. They fear that in any moment a policy could

change forcing them to be deported and ripped away from their family and the place they call

home. If you have any questions regards an application or processing time feel free to consult

with an immigration attorney.

Mercedes Riggs