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Bill to Delay Government Shutdown

On December 06, 2018 Congress passed a bill that would keep the government running

for the next two weeks in light of President Trumps threats to have a government shutdown. The

House and the Senate will continue to fund parts of the government until the 22nd of December.

The bill brought forth will give lawmakers more time to discuss and come to an agreement on

how to budget for several departments. Congress has currently been able to approve five bills

that would fund departments such as defense, energy and water, labor, Health and Human

Services, the legislative branch and Veterans Affairs. As of right now Congress has yet to

approve seven other bills that would fund departments such as the Departments of Agriculture,

Commerce, Justice, Homeland Security, Interior, State, Transportation and Housing and Urban

Development. One of Congress biggest hurdle is comping to an agreement on a budget for

President Trump’s U.S. Mexico border wall. President Trump has demanded for a $5 billion

budget to fund his proposed border wall. Senate Democrats have stated that they would approve

a $1.6 billion budget for border security, and not for the construction of a border wall. All there

is left to do is wait for President Trump to sign the bill proposed by Congress.

Mercedes Riggs