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Immigration Court Backlog

As a result of the United States federal government shutdown the immigration courts have taken a severe hit. Many immigration cases have been rescheduled due to the government shutdown and many are left in limbo wondering when they’ll get their next hearing date. Our office has experienced case rescheduling due to the shut down and we have no idea when our clients will have to go in front of an immigration judge again. The cases that have been affected by the shutdown may have to wait months before they are given a new hearing date. The delay in cases would also put many families of asylum applicants at risk as they wait in their home country. If a hearing date gets pushed back it could ultimately affect a person’s eligibility to stay in the United States. Although shutting down the government may not seem like a big deal to many it certainly has had a huge impact on those dealing with the immigration courts. It’s frightening not knowing your future or how it’ll turn out. Hopefully the government shutdown will end soon. If you have any questions or concerns about your immigration case feel free to contact an immigration attorney.

Mercedes Riggs