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Asylum Seekers Pay to Apply

cted his attorney general and acting homeland security secretary to take additional action on the asylum system. The Trump administration have since proposed another change to the immigration law now making it mandatory for asylum seekers to pay a fee in order to process their application and employment authorization applications. President Trump will be giving officials 90 days to implement the changes to the asylum system. The Tahirih Justice Center stated that, “Asylum seekers are fleeing persecution, and have left their families, communities, homes, jobs, and possessions behind in order to save their lives. Instituting a new fee for asylum applications and work permits will simply drive asylum seekers deeper into poverty and leave them more vulnerable to victimization and predation by unscrupulous representatives, traffickers, and abusers.” The Trump administration’s initial focus was to prevent ‘illegal’ immigration, but as new policies are being executed in the immigration sector it comes to show that they’re trying to rid the immigration process altogether by placing new regulations for ‘legal’ immigrants to enter the country. Essentially making it difficult for those coming into the country legally and therefore causing them to return to their countries in which they were trying to flee from. If you have any questions or concerns about asylum please feel free to ask an immigration attorney. 

Mercedes Riggs